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"Gog and Magog - The Last Bastion" is a turn-based card game played between two opponents. Players have the option to choose between two game modes: Destiny Mode and Free Will Mode. They can also agree upon playing with or without a time limit per round, selecting either the 30-second or 60-second sand timer for each game round. In this game, each player is dealt a pre-constructed deck of 150 cards, making a total of 300 cards available in the game. Using their limited mana, players strategically play basic creature cards, creature cards with abilities, and summon spell cards to launch attacks against their opponent. The primary objective is to destroy the opponent's cards or deplete their energy tokens by exploiting any vulnerabilities. The ultimate victor is the player who successfully reduces their opponent's token energy to zero, emerging triumphant in this battle of wits and strategy.

Zabaniyah Part I

Collectible unleash in


A Multiplayer Card Game where you have to use carefuly your cards and ressources to manage your defensive and offensive ranks.

Collectible Packs

Each Month, a pack of 10 collectible cards with new abilities will be released to the public. The unsold packs will be destoyed.

Certified by NFTs

Every card game is linked to its NFTs as a certificate of authenticity, the NFTs can be traded on the Market and between players.

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Multiplayer Card Game

Inspired by True Events


Good sir/madam, I see you carry fine OKI


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